Version History

A short overview of changes and improvements.

CDESK 3.0.184 – current version


  • Deals and Invoicing
    • o Possibility to change the order of works and monthly fees assigned to the deal. The change of order is allowed for also when issuing the invoice.
  • Requests
    • We added a new column to the list of requests in which the last changed data of the request is recorded. This information can also be included in the export or used for advanced filtering.
    •  The logged-in operator is pre-filled in the Assignee field, if it is not defined by another criterion.
    • Visibility has been added to the request templates. This feature allows you to choose whether the request created from the template will be available as Internal or Regular.
    • New option to display additional properties in the list of requests.
  • Request Notifications
    •  Possible to send e-mail notifications according to the type of request. 
  • Work Orders
    •  New tab Note for assignees (internal discussion) added. It allows assignees of the work order to lead a discussion that is not accessible to the customer.  
  • Fulfillments
    • Possible to add and edit a billing item directly from the fulfillment.
    • New column Total Fulfillment Time added. It keeps records of the sum of fulfillment duration and other times. 
  • Users and Groups
    • Possibility to enter an alternative login name. The setting to use a contact email as an alternate login has been added.
    • Possible to upload a photo with a handwritten signature, which will be displayed in invoices and reports generated by CDESK.

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CDESK 3.0.182


  • Invoicing 
    •  Option to insert custom attachments to invoices. 
  • Requests
    • The criteria for assigning requests to the My Requests Waiting for Response group while the priority view is on, have been modified. 
    • Adding discussions in now counted as a change when recording the last change to the request. This date also appears in the list of requests under the Modified column. 
    • The „It contains“ function has been added to the advanced filter for filtering records by assignee group. This will make the field available for entering free text. 
  • Fulfillments
    • If the fulfillment has as a billing item an hourly rate that is assigned to a monthly fee, the title of the billing item will be displayed in the column Billing item in the list of fulfillments, as well as the monthly fee to which the item is assigned. This also applies to the lists of fulfillments in deals, requests and tasks. 
  • Message processing
    • A field for selecting a deal for a chosen customer has been included in the rule for processing the message as a new or internal request.
  • Offer notifications 
    • Customer contact can from now receive copies of offers for the customer who is assigned to them. The function can be switched on / off in the Global Settings. 
  • CMDB Configuration Database
    • A new place is created when entering a new company.  
    • Option to bulk edit additional properties above objects in the configuration database. 
  • Scheduled work
    • A new setting has been added to Global Settings: from now it is possible to choose whether the selection of the notification template will be mandatory or optional in the record of the scheduled work. 
  • General functions 
    • Introduction of avatars (account pictograms) in CDESK. It is possible to choose from predefined avatars or upload own photo. It is mainly used for discussion notifications.  

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CDESK 3.0.181


  • Deals 
    • XLS report of the invoice attachment from the invoicing preview.
    •  Editing the issued invoice, including items of the invoice.
  • Requests
    • Option to set the Desired date field to be displayed only for selected request types. 
    • The preview of the request discussion is displayed to the customer according to the settings of his e-mail notification, which is different from the operator notification.
    • Settings for postponement of the Completion date if the completed request was in progress after adding a discussion post.
  • Notifications of requests
    • As part of customer notifications, a new variable has been added, which displays the entire history of the discussion in the request, including the initial assignment (so far in plain text). 
  • Fulfillments
    • Possibility to create an invoice fulfillment from several internal fulfillments directly in the request.
    • For internal fulfillments it is possible to turn on the Other time field. 
  • Tasks 
    • It is possible to filter items in the list according to whether or not the task contains space.
  • Offers
    • The History tab has been added to the offer form, above the record – it informs about creation and changes made.
    • For individual items in the request, it is possible to define your own units in the Global Settings and also the order in which they will be offered. Individual units can also be switched off so that offer items cannot be selected.

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CDESK 3.0.179


  • Address book
    •  The “History“ tab has been divided into two parts:
      • Company – contains all changes that were made to the record about the company
      • Requests – contains a list of requests that have been created for a given company
  • Requests 
    • A new button to quickly end a request. 
    • In the profile of the CDESK user, it is possible to set the sender´s name for the discussion with the customer. 
    • Attachments from a discussion with a customer can be displayed in the request form among other attachments. This feature can be turned on / off in the Global Settings.
    • If the company (customer) has exactly one deal registered in CDESK when creating a request, this deal will be preset to the request. The deal must be in a state other than refused or completed. This feature can be turned on / off in the Global Settings.
  • Fulfillments
    • A new button for entering the name and description of a request or work order into fulfillments. 
  • Offers 
    • The customer cannot revoke the acceptance of an item of the offer.

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CDESK 3.0.177


  • Deals and Invoicing
    • Improved invoicing – fulfillments can be invoiced directly in CDESK.
    • Addition of invoicing of lump sums with prepaid hours.
    • Addition of the option for manual invoicing of lump sums.
    • New export to preview invoice, invoice fulfillments and the total by requests.
    • Possible to choose on which types of fulfillments the billing item should be offered: in all types of fulfillments / not in fulfillments for claims / only in fulfillments for claim. This feature is available when fulfillments for claim are enabled in the global settings.
  • Requests
    • In the status “Testing by Customer”, the buttons for evaluating the testing have been added.
    • A note can be added to testing when the request testing is being evaluated by the customer.
    • The request status is changed to “Ordered” when the offer on request is accepted or partially accepted. If the offer is refused, the request switch to the “Assigned” status.
    • The request status is changed to “Offer” when the offer is sent to customer for acceptance.
    • In the “Request Templates” module, the button “Export to XLS” has been added.
    • In the request status “Waiting for 3rd party”, it is mandatory to enter the times “from – to”, if the selection of supplier is enabled.
    • Possibility to create a new request from the context menu of the request attachment.
    • Possibility to apply VIP Service only to selected types of requests and service areas.
    • Possibility to set up planned work from a request, which is then displayed in the calendar to all authorized users, not only to selected assignees.
    • On the bookmark “Related Requests”, the option to add a request via the request catalog has been added.
    • The “Assigned Operator” can also be set as recipient in request notifications.
    • Requests can display details of the company assigned.
  • For requests and work orders – New Interactive Service Forms
    • Interactive service protocols can be generated from the CI object linked to request or work order. They are used to record service work in your desired form (fill in the prescribed fields, tick certain options, etc.).
    • Interactive service protocols can be exported in PDF format or archived to a given service request / work order in CDESK.
    • They function very well also on mobile phones / tablets in offline mode and with additional data tranfer to CDESK after reconnection.
  • Work orders
    • In the status of work orders “Waiting for supplier”, it is mandatory to specify the times from – to, if the supplier selection is enabled for this status.
  • Fulfillments
    • The request bookmark “Fulfillments” displays the total of accepted hours, hours worked (if internal fulfillments are enabled) and invoiced hours from the request offer.
    • New possibility to create invoice fulfillments from internal fulfillments from the lists on module bookmarks to which the internal fulfillments are linked.
    • New filtering based on whether or not invoice fulfillments are linked to internal transactions.
    • New filtering of fulfillments by request status and billing date on the request.
    • New option to choose which fulfilments will be automatically included into invoicing. Depending on the request status, the following options are available:
      • All
      • From requests in completed state
      • From requests in state accepted completion
      • From requests completed without acceptance
    • According to date, the following options are available:
      • Beginning of fulfillment
      • The billing date specified in the request
    • New function for automatic creation of fulfillments for claim for selected request type.
    • New option to offer different billing items for fulfillments for claim.
    • Option to mandatorily select billing item has been added.
    • Billing item of the flat-rate type allows for the date of fulfillment against the validity date of a flat rate.
  • Message processing
    • In a rule of processing messages, you can already define tags for a request created from this rule.
  • Calendar
    • The function of automatic creation of tasks for Drag&Drop requests in calendar has been added to the new calendar.
    • Scheduled work is now displayed to all authorized users, not only to authorized assignees.
  • Offers
    • Display of totals has been complemented for quantities of offer items differentiated by units.
  • Reports
    • New report – Budget control of requests.
    • Complemented report – Records of service availability for a selected period.
    • New report – Statistics of created and accepted completed requests (including those completed without acceptance).
  • CMDB Configuration Database
    • The default filter and the layout of columns in the CI list is from now separate for assignees as well as for other users.
    • Bulk editing of configuration objects – option to edit additional properties has been added.
  • General functions
    • If you are using a not supported web browser, you will be notified when signing in.

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CDESK 3.0.175


  • Deals
    • Possible to add uncharged work as a billing item. This item cannot be given a price, it is used only for keeping records.
  • Requests
    • New function Request Weight added.
    • Filtering in the List of Requests by request weight.
    • Bulk edit of request directly in the List.
    • The last entered filter and search are retained in the List of Requests.
  • Notifications to Requests
    • Possible to create your own template for mail notifications from discussion posts.
  • Work Orders
    • A new filter To Solve. The filter offers the following options:
      • To be solved by me
      • To be solved by a team
  • Notifications to Work Orders
    • Possible to set that the work order notifications will be sent also to the users filled in the fields Request From and For Whom.
  • Fulfillments
    • Setting up conditions for invoicing of fulfillments.
    • New setting of simplified time entry.
    • Summarized sums of hours from internal fulfillments, invoice fulfillments and hours accepted by customers from offers have been added to the list of fulfillments in the request.
  • Tasks
    • Possible to filter records by the field Assistant Assignee.
  • Offers
    • Setting of acceptance methods:
      • Two-level acceptance
      • One-level acceptance
    • Statuses of offers introduced:
      • In Preparation
      • To Verify
      • To Accept
      • Partially Approved and Denied
      • Accepted
      • Denied
      • Equipped
      • Cancelled
    • Creation of requests and tasks from the offer.
    • Possibility to copy offers to other customers.
    • Notifications of new offer creation or offer changes.
    • When an assignee is changed, a codebook appears in the offer to select message for a new assignee. The function is optional.
    • Possibility to export offer to PDF.
  • CMDB Configuration Database
    • The report above CI change allows for the visibility of records according to the customer visibility.
    • Possibility to define default filter and list of columns for CI List. It can be set separately for administrator / operator / assignee / and other accounts in Global Settings → CMDB, section Source Settings of CI List.
  • In-app Notifications (the bell up on the right)
    • Notifications contain a message for the new assignee from the request.

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CDESK 3.0.172


  • Address Book
    • New functions for customer account added: Contact for Reminders and Contact for Sending Invoices
  • Requests
    • Possible to link related requests
    • Prioritisation by urgency and impact. Urgency and impact can be defined separately for every request type
    • Possible to filter records in the list of requests according to the fact whether they contain a task
    • Notification sent when a request is evaluated
    • When a request status is switched to Waiting for the 3rd Party, supplier can be selected
    • Automatic switch from Assigned to In Progress when a discussion post with a customer or any fulfillment is added
    • When customer adds a post to the discussion, the status Waiting for Customer is automatically changed to In Progress
    • Regular requests are predicted for the future
    • When the function Limit Selection of Assignees by Assignee Group[ks1]  is on, the assignee field offers the option My Assignee Groups
    • E-mail address is attached to account when filtering the list of requests – when filtering by users, you will also see requests without assignee’s name coming from the Message Processing module
    • Deadlines to requests and work orders before / after the deadline are reminded at set intervals
    • When the function Limit Selection of Assignees by Assignee Group is on, modification of filters in the list of requests
    • Make available the option to filter by assignee group
    • Only users registered as assignees or operators are displayed when filtering by assignee
    • Notification settings modified when the function Limit Selection of Assignees by Assignee Group is enabled
  • Discussion to the Requests
    • Possible to preview mail notifications for discussion before sending
  • Request Templates
    • When the function Limit Selection of Assignees by Assignee Group is enabled in the report which is in the request templates, following columns occur:
      • Assignee Group for Easyclick Customer Account
      • Assignee Group for Operators
  • Requests and Work Orders
    • Permission to access / hide the internal note to users that are not solving the issue
  • Work Orders
    • Possibility to measure the time when the work order is open
  • Fulfillments
    • Internal fulfillments no longer have a mandatory link to billing fulfillments – they can be assigned independently to the billing ones, which simplifies recording of the work that should not be charged
  • Message Processing
    • Attachment from a received e-mail goes as well to a created record, for example to a request
  • CMDB Configuration Database
    • Color in the list of configuration objects changes by date field
    • New function Restricted Filtering above the CI List. It allows you to turn off the search by main group and type
    • New Search function in foreign records. User can be given access to the objects of other users according to the search and consequent exact matching of certain property, for example a serial number.
    • In the advanced filter, only those properties that belong to the selected CI type are displayed in the column list
  • Reports
    • Possible to set permissions for reports over[ks2]  the CMDB Configuration Database
    • Following columns can be added from request templates to the reports of settings:
      • Assignee Group for Easyclick Customer Account
      • Assignee Group for Operators
    • The option is available only when the function Limit Selection of Assignees by Assignee Group is enabled.

  • Users and Groups
    • VIP service – user can be classified as a VIP user which can have a higher priority when solving requests
  • General Functions
    • New menu – new design and menu control that can be turned on in Beta functions. Possible to choose favorite items. Each user sets their own.
    • The date and time format to choose in the operator profile. Support for international date and time format

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CDESK 3.0.167


  • Requests
    • Option to set up one assignee in the service area for customer service/Easyclick and Operator/Assignee
    • Possibility to print request encompassing basic information
    • Change in the status order when setting status in the request
    • Priority view of requests and work orders changed in the list
    • The image inserted in the request description is also added as an attachment in the request
  • Notifications for Requests
    • E-mail notification of the creation of a new request from a message to process will be sent to all recipients listed in the For Whom and Copy fields. These addresses will be also automatically integrated into recipients of discussion posts
  • Notifications for Work Orders
    • New interface for notification setting. Define recipients according to your needs.
  • Fulfillments
    • New function of automatic pre-filling of the space in the fulfilment in case that the fulfilment is linked to a task/request with a filled space
  • CMCD Configuration Database
    • Option to name the menu items under the CMDB module
    • CI List (list of configuration items) has been extended with the following columns:
      • Created – date and time of CI creation
      • Created by – name of the user who created the CI
      • Modified – date and time of the last change to the CI
      • Modified by – name of the user who was the last to modify CI
  • Custom Properties
    • New basic property – a text field with formatting
  • Notifications for Scheduled Work
    • Notification added for scheduled work at selected dates, including customer notification
  • Reporting
    • Reporting on the change of values of CI objects for a selected period
  • Notifications
    • Possibility to set the sender’s e-mail domain when resetting the password and notifications for substitution and approval. It is possible to set the sender’s name for all three options.
  • Notifications for Substitution
    • New design
  • In-app Notifications
    • Possibility to erase all notifications at once
  • General Functions
    • Access to the items in the list through a one-click on the title. The function is set in the following modules: Address Book, Deals, Requests, Tasks, Price Lists, CMDB Configuration Database, DMS, Users and Groups. Progressively, it will be added to other places.
  • Licenses
    • Setting a license to a user account. This is the first step towards implementing the licensing policy. Gradually, you will be prompted to set up a license for all your users.


CDESK 3.0.166


  • Scoreboard
    • New module in CDESK. It allows you to view a comprehensive overview of the number of request and work order records, according to your company preferences
  • Address Book
    • Other than Global SLA has been added to the import of companies
  • Dashboard
    • Bulk deletion of posts enabled
  • Requests and Work Orders
    • When creating common requests and requests from catalog, it is possible to specify which type of records a user can create
    • Possibility to choose an assignee depending on the selected assignee group
    • Option to generate a request in advance has been added to regular requests
    • Filter functionality in requests has been enhanced. In the filters that show time, time units can be selected: minutes, hours, days.
    • Option added to set whether it will be possible to edit a request before assigning it to an assignee
    • Option to set whether to recalculate deadlines when the priority of request is additionally changed
  • Fulfillments
    • Groups of requests in the list of fulfillments display tasks as well
  • Tasks
    • Possible to add tasks to the past in task permissions
  • Calendar
    • Calendar weeks and new two-week view added
    • Assistant assignees can see request records in the calendar as well
  • CMDB Configuration Database
    • Bulk modification of general properties of CI records enabled
  • Scheduled Work
    • New module in CDESK. Registration and notification of planned work and outages
  • Approval
    • Option to include the reason for approval / rejection in the request description
    • New design of e-mail notification
  • Mobile Application
    • Possible to choose a place in the task


CDESK 3.0.164


  • Address book – Companies from supported XLS, XLSX, CSV formats imported.
  • Requests – New columns for display, filters and export added to List of requests.
  • Requests – Default view of the user in List of requests. Default filter and list of columns can be selected.
  • Requests – New status added – Pending. SLA is not counted when request is set to this state. 
  • Work orders – Setting the parallel-serial order of execution of work orders enabled. 
  • Work orders – Postponement of deadlines possible when time to completion is not counted, for example for states: Waiting for customer, Waiting for approval.
  • CMDB Configuration database – Basic CI information extended for configuration item status with optional code list [ks1] for states for individual CI Types.
  • CMDB Configuration database – New setting added to CI Type – Unique name within CI Type.
  • CMDB Configuration database – The automatic generation of CI name extended for generation by pattern (prefix + automatic numbering).
  • CMDB Configuration database – Possibility to choose whether the list of CIs should be loaded automatically or only after selecting Main group and Type. The setting speeds up loading of the list of CIs when there is large amount of items.
  • Notifications – Appearance of emails sent from CDESK customized.
  • SLA Notifications – Possibility to set notifications to be sent not only for expiry date, but also at the selected time before expiry date.
  • Approval – Permissions for accessing approval processes (mine / foreign).
  • Replacement – Replacement functionality extended for possibility of central setting.  
  • Approval – Entering reason for approval or denial in the request description enabled.
  • Mobile App – Support for fields visibility of compound property depending on the selected item added.


CDESK 3.0.163


  • Requests – Possibility to choose which type of request the work orders will be created to.
  • Work orders – New work order status: Cancelled.
  • Work orders – Status setting option.
  • Work orders – Automatic assignment of CI to a work order by request.
  • Fulfillments – Possibility to group and filter items by request in the list of fulfillments.
  • Tasks – possibility to add fulfillments and links to places.
  • CMDB Configuration database – Possibility to set authorizations to CI records according to main groups.
  • CMDB Configuration database – Possibility to deny access to some CIs. That does not apply to those where the user is listed as owner.
  • Custom properties – New type of base property: Hyperlink.
  • Custom properties – Possibility to add custom properties to user profile.
  • Users and groups – Set access to user profile. Possible to set which information can user edit in their profile and which is read-only.
  • Reporting – Report of availability of services per customer for the selected month.


CDESK 3.0.156


  • Mobile Apps - integration of a more advanced text editor
  • Possibility to accept Requests directly from email notification of completion
  • Possibility of push notifications for mobile and desktop apps
  • List of Fulfillments - possibility to group by accounting item
  • Optimized loading of contracts with service details
  • Customer Discussion - when creating posts, only related contacts and users are displayed
  • List of Requests - color differentiation of records according request types
  • User Information - added a list of superiors' names
  • Contacts list - added optional columns, filtering by category, and exporting to Excel
  • Requests - added link to the message from which the request was created
  • Fulfillments - correction of a bug that could cause incorrect date recalculation
  • Requests - added additional term fields


  • Requests List - added column Current Solution State
  • Discussion posts - added check if there is at least one recipient


CDESK 3.0.152


  • Selection of CI in a Request - considering users from Who Asks and For Who fields
  • Fulfillments PDF export - added the ability to group pages by customers
  • Adding Fulfillments - simplified entering of Fulfillments (Instead of entering End Time, option to only enter Duration)
  • Setting of SLA dates - added a check of entered dates according to the logic TTO <RT <TTAS <TTR
  • Added search by date of change in Requests and Orders History
  • Possibility to not enter a note when Accepting solutions
  • Added the ability to create a Work Order also from the Work Order List
  • Implemented support for drafting Work Orders
  • Fulfillments List - added additional columns to the web lists
  • Work Order List - added the ability to sort records by columns
  • Ability to add new objects (request, fulfillment, task, etc.) anywhere in the system from the top bar
  • Mobile apps - added login information (server, etc.)
  • Customer List - Added optional columns and column sorting


  • Mobile apps - added login information (server, etc.)
  • Allowed editing of Fulfillments in Requests
  • The "Mobile" item from the customer details is transferred to the receiving report


CDESK 3.0.148


  • Added notifications for WO Solvers
  • Requests Permissions - Added the Access to Subordinate Records option 
  • List of issued invoices - advanced filtering added
  • Approval Process - Note field changed to mandatory
  • Approval Process - Added display of Request details and optional properties
  • Requests List - Optimization of Tag and Tasks/WO loading 
  • GUI Catalog Optimization Requirements for IE11 and Edge
  • Automatic Termination Requirements for Ending All WOs
  • Blocking of Requirement removal when a related WO exists
  • Enhancements of notifications for Requirements that need approvement
  • Tasks - added a more advanced HTML editor
  • Adding of Fulfillments - added totals for the listed Fulfillments
  • Requests List - added new filtering options
  • Unjustified Request complaints - added mandatory reasoning


  • Added button to update existing CI object names.


CDESK 3.0.146


  • Dashboard - added the ability to preset default widgets view, with the ability to lock editing.
  • Rejected Request - now considered to be definitively closed and not shown in the list of open Requests anymore (unless the refusal status is revoked).
  • Added switch Change of completed request status to disable reopening.
  • Message Processing Rules - added ability to notify the draft owner.
  • Added optional field Complained Solver for legitimately claimed Requests.
  • Template Request / WO - added option to set default state after rejection.


  • Android mobile app - eliminated bugs (main menu not displayed, crash after "Take photo")
  • Fix a problem with deleting manually added devices
  • Evidence of Documents - Added page footer to view contact information on invoices.

CDESK 3.0.145


  • CMDB - field Owner added to basic CI properties
  • Dynamic display of items in CMDB, based on entered CI owner
  • CMDB - import CI from XLS, with automatic column matching
  • Requests List - the ability to filter only for claimed requirements
  • Creating WO according approved Request items
  • Possibility to leave the term (responses, assignments, replacement solutions, requirements) empty
  • Eligible Request claim - added optional field Claimed Solver
  • Added floating buttons to user details editing
  • Messages Processing - enabled changing of the internal address to the IP address of the server


  • Backup - fixed bugs when generating XLS reports (empty file, missing graphs)


CDESK 3.0.144


  • Global settings - added customer notifications
  • CMDB - Workplace and Device Location columns added to CI list
  • CMDB - search by ID in CI Object List
  • Directory - graphically differentiated Groups from Users when adding Operators
  • Ability to add files also via mobile apps


  • Correction of time counting error in Fulfillment report for invoicing


CDESK 3.0.143


  • Added FinStat connector and pre-filling of customer data with this service
  • GUI Requests Catalog - display a list of templates when more than one template is under one tile
  • Requests - added For Who field
  • Added VAT number verification button
  • Inventory Cards - Adding field Amount with date
  • Work Orders - added dynamic approval
  • Added billing option for partners and resellers
  • Add the ability to export optional properties to XLS
  • Adding the ability to set up a service in a time other than the current time
  • Mobile App - added additional notification sounds
  • Automatic selection of the single required item when creating new objects
  • Requests - automatic change of state to "in solution"  after receiving a customer response
  • Possibility to set reaction times to a time shorter than 1 hour


  • The ability to create read-only access to all Vacations


CDESK 3.0.142


  • Requests, Work Orders - added the Requested term field
  • Requests - allowed editing of the Solution and Solver Note fields by authorized users
  • Recording all changes made to the Company object into the History tab
  • CMDB - limitation of CI objects' selection according to the chosen workplace
  • Possibility to send fulfillment also from mobile app (iOS, Android)


  • WEBSOCKET - PC notification by blocks (to prevent notification of too many PCs)
  • Payments due-date setting - amount - possibility to enter more than 5 digits-long number


CDESK 3.0.141


  • Notifications for dynamic approval processes
  • Export CI with all the attributes to Excel
  • CMDB - search and advanced filtering of CI records also by attributes
  • Fulfillments - added ability to send e-mail fulfilling with one click
  • Logging of legitimate / illegitimate claims
  • Added solver rating with options disabled / optional / mandatory
  • Release of CDESK 3 App - iOS, Android 
  • Restricting a service area according the Request type
  • Message Processing - added new way to quickly create a request from catalog (tiles), with fields pre-filled by data in email
  • Fulfillments List - filtering out Fulfillments with entered used material
  • Invoicing - enhancements for Variable / Constant / Specific Symbol and generation of numerical series
  • Requests - added possibility to block notifications from discussions
  • Requests - added the Solver's Note field invisible to customer accounts
  • Tasks - sending notification when the task deadline expires
  • Added notification blocking in mobile App CDESK 3
  • Requests - possibility to sort by deadline / time to deadline
  • Displaying of disabled / deleted users in linked object fields
  • Contact List - added Contact Category column with possibility of filtering
  • Directory - search based on customer category and type


CDESK 3.0.138


  • Requests - added Reclamation status
  • Add the ability to register optional attributes for user accounts
  • Added filtering by attributes when selecting CI in Fulfillments / Requests / Deals / Work Orders
  • Possibility to define time zone for administrator and individual operators
  • Requests, Work Orders - field Solver - added simplifying link to take-over
  • Requests / WOadded possibility to take-over in context menu
  • Stopping time-counting in selected states
  • Implementation of GUI Catalog of Requests (Tiles) for quick and easy entry of Requests
  • Possibility to create GUI Catalog Templates (Tiles)
  • WO List - filtering by all columns
  • Requests, Work Orders - displaying the content of the Objects tab when window width is sufficient (for quick access)
  • Calendar - possibility to make reservations


CDESK 3.0.137


  • Requests - add multiselect-type field to optional attributes
  • Introducing the possibility to create work orders
  • Dynamic creation of the approval process
  • Work Orders - possibility to create templates
  • Public holidays - view in Calendar, add to GN, logic for SLA, vacations
  • Requests / Deals / Work Orders - Indication of the time remaining until the due date in lists
  • API extended for embedding discussion and internal notes
  • Added Request status Terminated without acceptance
  • CMDB - possibility to save optional attributes to related-objects' history
  • Directory - possibility to categorize companies with tags


CDESK 3.0.135


  • Fulfillments - added the Used Material field
  • Visibility of companies through categories
  • Activating SMS from CDESK servers
  • Embedding files and internal Solver note into discussion with customer
  • Displaying internal fulfillments in mobile Apps
  • Solved mobile App crashes at launch on Androide 7/8
  • Multiple transport options for one place of fulfillment
  • Documenting the Request solution process - option to add the Solution field 
  • XLS export - pre-selection of columns and completion of unit description
  • Fulfillments - added possibility to insert attachments.


In addition to the items listed above, each version includes other minor improvements, corrections, and adjustments.

29. June 2020